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    After about a million questions on this post, I have an updated one 'How To Dip Dye Hair 2' this one has a video too help you all.
    So I really want to try Dip Dye hair, I'm not sure if it will suit me and I was not even sure how to go about it but thanks to Look magazine we now have the perfect how too. So I was just going to link to the post but I know same of you can not view it. Above and below are some images that just make me want to dye my hair so badly like Emma Gibney images, check out her Flicker page by the way her work is divine. I hope they inspire you and if you do use any don't forget to credit the source, as it's just cheeky not to.

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    So there is just a little inspiration, if you don't want to dye it maybe try a wig (could be a little hot) or even clip In's or if you want the real thing but want to get it done by a hair dressers why not head over to Bleach London Salon or talk with your hairdresser about trying it out.

    So if you want a spot of D.I.Y hair, here is Looks guide to Dip Dye hair if you lot wanted to give it a bash too:

    It’s the hottest celebrity hairstyle of 2011 so far and the perfect way to spice up your hair colour for spring. Now, we’re not talking full-throttle punk, but just a little colour at the ends – up for the challenge? Originally sported by Nicki Minaj and most recently on Drew Barrymore and in the New Look denim ad, colour is definitely here to stay. So how do you do it? Well, for wash-out colour, try Stargazers Colour Spray in pink (get it at Amazon). It’s only around £3 and can be completely removed in just one wash – the perfect weekend fix. Put an old towel around your shoulders and brush hair out so it’s completely smooth and straight. Section the hair in half and bring it round to the front so you can see what you’re doing. Leave the strands flat against your shoulders and spray colour onto the ends. Make sure you wear gloves and don’t do it near white walls!

    For a more permanent colour, try Fudge’s Paint Box in Pretty Flamingo, £8.95. It lasts for three to 30 washes. To apply, first shampoo your hair and leave off the conditioner then, wearing gloves, squirt a little colour into your hands and apply just to the ends, like you would do for a treatment. The colour should take about 20 minutes to develop and then all you have to do is rinse until the water turns clear! And if we can’t convince you to choose colour, why not try a little blonde? John Frieda's new Go Blonder Lightening Spray, £6.99, brightens and lightens normal and highlighted hair. Spray onto towel-dried ends and comb through. It uses clever Thermo-Protectant technology, which means the colour will develop when you add heat from either a hairdryer or straighteners. And that's it – new coloured locks without the salon price! SF See all the latest celebrity dip-dye hairstyle pictures . Be inspired!
    Words and Image from Look.co.uk

    If you do try it please share and I will link you, please if you are unsure than have a good think about it first. I'm not rushing in to it, going to have a good think and maybe do it for summer. I hope you enjoy this and hope you are all having a fab week.

    I love the look of the dip-dye hair that I have been seeing every where lately!It has a really striking effect....

    All photos from weheartit.com

    The dip-dye hair trend has been flourishing for a while now, but it seems to be bigger than ever at the moment. Coloured tips were seen all over the Fashion Week catwalks earlier this year, and I've also spotted this trend in lots of editorials recently, with hair floating into tones of mint green, sea blue, candy-floss pink and soft lavender. I've always loved this kind of free spirited, festival look. Combined with tousled, Olsen-twin-esque hair or soft braids, I think this is the perfect style for this summer, particularly with the American outback, gypsy/boho fashion trends coming up.

    A few celebrities have chanelled this look; from Lady Gaga's electric blue tips to Alexa Chung's soft, ombre highlights, to Nicki Minaj's rainbow hair, I think the great thing about dip-dyed hair is that you can choose as subtle or as vibrant a shade as you like.

    I've been thinking about doing this to my hair for a while now, but I'm finding it really hard to come up with the right shade. I have white blonde hair so every shade I choose is never going to look subtle - I'm leaning towards a soft baby pink or minty green at the moment for Summer. I've played around with some temporary hair dye a couple of times to see how it looks;

    What do you think of this trend? Would you ever do this to your hair? Can you help me decide which shade to choose?
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